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A.H. Beard, the 123 year old Australian made and owned sleep wellness company, is celebrating its ten year anniversary as it pioneers the meaning and importance of delivering Premium Sleep in China. Premium Sleep is a concept of sleep that rejects the common misconception that ‘sleep is for the weak’, but rather an essential act that replenishes, repairs, and restores.

Wellness is a growing priority for consumers and the demand for Premium Sleep is clear, with the global market for sleeping aids projected to reach $168.98 billion within the next decade

With a growing population, a focus on wellness and a preference for premium brands, China was an obvious choice for A.H. Beard to expand its global footprint. As an indication of its success — ten years on, A.H. Beard now has 50 stores across China and with no signs of slowing down, plans to open 50 more. 

“When we think of sleep aids, for many of us our first thought will be wearables like Fitbits and Oura Rings, which don’t just track our activity but track our sleep too. But the foundation to unlocking Premium Sleep quite literally is the bed we’re lying on, and this is increasingly recognised by shoppers who are investing in quality mattresses,” said Tony Pearson, CEO of A.H. Beard.

A.H. Beard is determined to put sleep back on the public health agenda while simultaneously elevating sleep to its highest experience. Sleep is the most critical recovery period, so extensive research and consideration goes into each handcrafted and Australian made bed. The form, function and origin of every material we use is selected for its ability to achieve consistent, restful and rejuvenating sleep. 

“While Australia has a strong appetite for A.H. Beard mattresses, we are also appealing to the most discerning customers in the world. As one of the globe’s largest bedding markets with 1.4 billion consumers, China’s sleep landscape is currently showing the most engagement. We’re proud to be celebrating our ten year anniversary, as the desire for innovation, quality and luxury makes China one of our best-selling regions,” explained Pearson.

Among A.H. Beard’s most popular products in China is its Signature mattress, which can retail for up to $75,000. Each of these mattresses uses top quality natural fibres including cashmere, mohair, alpaca and fine merino wool, and is meticulously handsewn, taking four specialised master craftsmen 10 days to make. This rare level of craftsmanship and premium materials make this the ultimate in luxury wellness.

For the last ten years, A.H. Beard has been partnered with Shanghai Green, which provides a rich understanding of China’s market conditions and plays an important role in informing A.H. Beard’s local strategy. 

“We’re proud to be partners with A.H. Beard and our role in connecting China’s consumers to a better night’s sleep. With products that are meticulously handcrafted using Australian materials and the latest technologies, A.H. Beard creates a level of opulence for local consumers to aspire to and experience,” said Lu Ziyuan 路子远,, General Manager at Shanghai Green.

Despite a growing global footprint, A.H. Beard understands the value of staying close to home, which is why it’s remained Australian owned and made since 1899. Across the world, Australian made products are important due to their inherent high quality in materials, safety and ethical standards. 

Australia’s former Prime Minister, John Howard, attended A.H. Beard’s launch at Shanghai Green ten years ago. Offering his congratulations, Howard shared, “For more than 120 years, A.H. Beard has been an iconic Australian manufacturing brand. Their high-quality beds are well known, respected and enjoyed throughout Australia and in other countries. But a very important development is their expansion into the China market 10 years ago. In congratulating that milestone and expressing the hope that the positive trading relations between Australia and China will continue years into the future,  I wish A.H. Beard happy birthday.”

Pic - A.H. Beard’s Shanghai Green partners in China
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