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Cloud Ground Control and Robotics Australia Group enter new strategic partnership

Cloud Ground Control, a world-leading innovator in AI and cloud robotics, is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Australia’s peak body for the robotics sector, Robotics Australia Group.
The partnership aims to facilitate the growth of a sustainable and internationally competitive national robotics industry through a focused, collaborative approach between industry, research, government, start-ups, investment and education.
Michal Weiss, Head of Product - Cloud Ground Control, said the partnership will cement Cloud Ground Control’s place at the forefront of Australia's highly competitive robotics industry.
“The adoption of drones and robotics vehicles has been at the centre of discussion for a long time, and will continue to garner attention as enterprises increasingly rely on robotics to automate, optimise and safeguard business processes.”
“Cloud Ground Control is the world’s first cloud-based command and control solution that enables multi-user, multi-vehicle and multi-domain operations. The ability to remote view and control a swarm of uncrewed vehicles while gaining full situational awareness has great significance for an array of industry and humanitarian applications, such as disaster recovery, emergency response, robotics inspections, mail delivery and more.”
“We are excited to start a new chapter with Robotics Australia Group. With more opportunities to engage with the dynamic robotics industry, we can empower developers to combine cloud power with robotics to create efficient, intelligent systems at scale,” said Weiss.
Speaking of the partnership, Nathan Kirchner, Founding Director of Robotics Australia Group, said, “Under the federal government’s National Robotics Strategy, a new wave of innovation is headed for the Australian robotics industry. Companies with impressive capabilities and a successful track record like Cloud Ground Control are what we need to give momentum to the field. We look forward to delivering great outcomes with them.”
Through the partnership, Cloud Ground Control and Robotics Australia Group will look to bolster Australia’s robotics sector through regular industry events and research collaborations. Altogether, this will foster exchange of knowledge and ideas, contribute to the shaping of relevant policies and regulations, and help build an internationally competitive robotics ecosystem.

About Cloud Ground Control
Cloud Ground Control is a product of Advanced Navigation, the world’s most determined innovator in AI robotic and navigation technologies. Leveraging a decade of experience working with drones, robots and cellular technology, Advanced Navigation developed Cloud Ground Control, a revolutionary SaaS platform enabling users to connect, monitor, and control any uncrewed vehicle from a web browser over 4G/5G networks.
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About Robotics Australia Group
As the peak body for Robotics in Australia, Robotics Australia Group was established to facilitate the growth of a sustainable and internationally competitive national robotics industry. We do this by supporting the entire robotics ecosystem, including the companies developing new robotic technologies, robotics researchers and educators, and the companies looking to adopt robots and robotic-related technologies. Robotics Australia Group aligns current national robotics activity and creates a focussed, collaborative approach between industry, research, government, start-ups, investment and education to build a robust and world-class robotics ecosystem.
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